The Selection Week in Coll

Project Trust – Help Get Sophia To Nepal

During the February Half Term Break I attended the Four Day Residential Selection Course on the Isle of Coll. Every day we were at the Project Trust Centre from 9-5 carrying out a number of tasks and listening to presentations. I was involved in a number of activities including teaching a lesson and delivering a 10 minute presentation, attending two separate interviews with the assessors, digging land for potatoes in the howling wind and pouring rain for 3 hours, chasing sheep around a field and helping to administer their inoculations. After we finished each day we would be driven back to our host families which allowed pairs of volunteers to stay with them throughout the week. Andrew and Jean, the elderly couple me and Millie (my host partner) were staying with were very friendly, provided a very comfortable room for both of us and cooked amazing dinners! The ceilidh at the end
of the week was a fantastic way to round off the selection process and finally gave me an opportunity to not be the worst one in the room with so many English people who had never attempted Scottish ceilidh dancing before. I couldn’t believe how close I became to the other students that attended the course, when we finally had to say goodbye it didn’t feel as though we had only met each other a few days ago but we had known each other for several months! I can’t imagine how hard it is going to be saying goodbye to the community I end up staying with in Nepal!

Click on the other links to see a more detailed account of what I got up to each day!



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