Project Trust Selection Ceilidh

Project Trust Selection

Project Trust – Help Get Sophia To Nepal

On Monday the 2nd of March I received my Selection Letter from Project Trust. I couldn’t believe I had been selected to go to my first choice country – Nepal! I was even happier to discover that my second and third preference countries, Zambia and Ghana, have been chosen as my reserve placements. I haven’t been given a specific project as of yet but I know I’ll be living in a very remote and rural village with no running water or electricity, about 3 hours drive to the nearest town. I will be involved in a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) project within the community I am living in.

I was over the moon and immediately contacted all of friends and family to let them know. Since I have given up social media for lent, I couldn’t spam my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends and followers with the news just yet, that is yet to come. I texted everyone I had met on Project Trust to ask if they had received any news yet and was delighted to hear one of my friends, Iona, has also been selected for Nepal, even if we aren’t in the same project, at least we will be in the same country! I couldn’t wait to tell all my friends, classmates and teachers at school the next day and start drawing up a plan for fundraising. Over the next fortnight I developed and designed this website with a great deal of help from my amazingly talented and very patient father. I can’t wait to start uploading all of my blog posts about my fundraising efforts and updates about my next ten month journey to get to Nepal.

I hope you enjoy reading my latest blog posts, follow my journey to Nepal and support me in any way you can.

Thank you,