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Project Trust – Help Get Sophia To Nepal

A beautiful valley in Nepal, hopefully not too dissimilar to the one I will be living in for 8 months! I will be living without running water or electricity in an incredibly rural and remote community, three hours drive from the nearest town (about 150 miles – equivalent to driving over from Edinburgh to Glasgow three times). I will be teaching English in a village where no one speaks a word of it – and will have to learn Nepalese before I head out there in the January of 2016! I specifically asked for the most remote and rural community and will hopefully not come to regret this once I have arrived and lived there for several months. I know these will be challenging conditions but am incredibly excited about having this amazing opportunity and can’t wait to finally leave the city I have grown up in and immerse myself in an unfamiliar society, out of my comfort zone, with completely different customs, values and way of life.

Thank you,