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Project Trust – Help Get Sophia To Nepal

Hey there!

I am a sixth year high school student in Edinburgh, currently studying Advanced Higher History, Chemistry and Biology. I am taking a year out between leaving high school and attending university in order to volunteer in Nepal for 8 months with Project Trust. I hope to go on to study either law or medicine when I return in the Autumn of 2016.

My desire to volunteer abroad probably stems from the volunteer work I have done in and around Edinburgh as part of my Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh. I recently received the 500+ Hours Scottish Saltire Award for volunteering as a result of the amount of work I have done in the past two years alone. I have been involved with the local Ravelrig Riding for the Disabled Association where I volunteered for over 18 months as a guide and helper during the horse riding sessions, and did my fair share of mucking out the stables and caring for the horses. I then went on to work as a volunteer coach in my local swimming team, working with young primary school kids to develop their stroke and speed in the water. This year, I am volunteering in a local community project at the drop in sessions for the homeless, unemployed, mentally ill and those dependent on drugs and alcohol. I have been volunteering at the project for over 12 months and very much enjoy serving dinner to those who come and sitting down to talk to those who want to chat. I am also helping out in a local high school for pupils with special needs as a classroom assistant during my free periods. I work with a very small group of S3 boys in Art which I find very rewarding and a fantastic learning experience. I am currently coaching the S1 and S2 girls in my school’s hockey team, which I have now been doing for two years.

I love to be involved with the school life. I am the Deputy Head Girl and a Senior Prefect, as well as a Peer Supporter and Buddy for younger students. I am also in all of the school committees: Prom, Yearbook and Charities. Additionally, I take time out of my lunch break to attend my school’s Amnesty International group and am involved in the Lessons from Auschwitz group which aims to educate the pupils at our school of the discrimination and prejudiced that occurred around the time of Holocaust in order to try to prevent such actions from taking place again. I am a member of the Pupil Council and am one of the representatives that meets with the Senior Leadership Team to discuss new proposals. Finally, I am also a member of the Woodlands working group which arranges events between my school and the local high school for pupils with special needs.

I love being active and healthy, and spend a great deal of time playing sport. I have been skiing for the last ten years at the local dry ski slope, and currently race with the Lothian Ski Racing Association. I am also a keen hockey player, having started in my first week of high school. I am now in the First XI and as aforementioned, coach the younger players on a weekly basis. For the past four years I have been in the school’s martial arts (muay thai) club and have been a member of a local swimming team, which I volunteered to coach the younger swimmers at once I had left. I also love long distance running, I am planning on and training for my first half marathon at the end of May which I am very much looking forward to.

I have a part time job at Waitrose, which I hope to continue with after I have left school and before I head out to Nepal in order to save money for my expenses during my time abroad and my living costs at university on my return.

So that’s all I’ve got to say on the topic of me, click on another link to find out more about the project I will be involved in when I get to Nepal or discover my latest fundraising activities, or even contribute to my cause by sponsoring my ‘8 Mountains for 8 Months’ challenge.

Thank you,